Gordon begin to net alewives (sawbellies) when he first opened his shop and kept them alive and healthy, even though people said it was impossible because they are so fragile. Through trial and error  and a lot of hard work, he mastered the art of netting alewives (sawbellies).  As a result of his success, he began to wholesale alewives to other bait and tackle stores around the state.                                                


Seneca Wholesale Bait




 Seneca Wholesale Bait started in 1963 when Gordon Clough returned home from serving in the US Navy. With his love for the outdoors and fishing he started a small retail bait and tackle shop in Geneva, NY, called Seneca Live Bait. The retail business thrived and continued for 26 years; he netted all of the bait wild from lakes, ponds, and streams.


 During this time family has always been important part of the business helping out when needed. Today his sons, Jason and Jeffrey have taken over day to day operations and have expanded the business to stocking and maintaining ponds.