Brook Trout

(Salvelinus fontinalis)

The brook of speckled trout is the official fish of New York State.  They are relatively easy to catch in ponds. A very popular fish for pond owners.

   All trout species need clean, cool water with plenty of oxygen.  Ponds should be deep enough to maintain a temperature of 65' F at the bottom during summer months. Call for pricing, size, and availability. We are always happy to help with creating, maintaing, and problem solving any environment.

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Brown Trout

(Salmo trutta)

The brown trout has long been popular game fish in New York. Its ability to tolerate warmer water than other trout species makes it popular fish for pond owners.


Rainbow Trout

(Oncorhynchus mykiss)

The rainbow trout  just like the brown trout can tolerate warmer temp. A very colorful fish that puts up a spectacular fight when hooked.

Grass Carp

(Ctenopharyngodon odella)

In some situations sterile grass carp may be permitted to use in New York waters.

The purpose of using grass carp is to naturally control aquatic plant growth.

Once grass carp are stocked it may take from 2 to 5 years for them to control nuisance plants.